Omen III: The Final Conflict

La Malédiction finale - Livre

Around the globe, drought, famine =, and flood are striking down helpless millions. And everywhere there is trouble, Damien Thorn's followers can be found - almost before disater strikes - ready to offer aid to the pitiful survivors.

Damien, the handsome, thirty-two-year-old head of one of the world's most powerfull corporations and certain to be president of the United States by the time is forty. Damien, believed to be the son of Satan, who is relentlessly reaching out to claim the Earth for the forces of darkness...

Now is the time of prophecy, the begining of the end of mankind. But where is the promised Messiah to save the world from ultimate evil...?

  • Titre : The Final Conflict
  • Auteur : Gordon McGill
  • Titre original : Omen III: The Final Conflict. Publié en 1980
  • Éditeur : Macdonald Futura, 1981
  • ISBN : 0708819583
  • 192 pages